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IS-Cambridge 2014

1 - 3 September 2014. Cambridge, UK.

Studying at Cambridge


Keynote Talks

IS-Cambridge 2014 Closing Speech - Prof. Jiang & Prof. Fang

(1) Prof Jose Andrade – California Institute of Technology

"To see and compute as never before in granular materials: the Avatar concept"

(2) Prof Itai Einav – University of Sydney

A prospect for turbulence in geomechanics

(3) Prof Takashi Matsushima – Tsukuba University

“Micromechanics of clay studied by 2D Discrete Element simulations”

(4) Prof Jim McElwaine – Durham University

"Granular Flows from the Laboratory to the Ski Jump"

(5) Dr Catherine O’Sullivan – Imperial College London

Advancing geomechanics using DEM

(6) Prof Farhang Radjai – University of Montpellier

"Contact dynamics and plastic granular flows"

(7) Prof Cino Viggiani – Joseph Fourier University

X-ray tomography for granular materials: current trends and perspectives

(8) Prof Yu-Hsing Wang – Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Aging, structuration, and creep behaviour of sand


Special “Professor Malcolm Bolton” session

(1) Prof Malcolm Bolton – University of Cambridge

What can geotechnical engineers learn from granular mechanics?”

(2) Prof Matthew Coop – City University of Hong Kong

“Laboratory Testing of Sands at Micro- and Macro-Scales”

(3) Dr Matthew Kuo – University of Cambridge

The micromechanics of biological structures in marine sediments

(4) Prof Glenn McDowell – University of Nottingham

“The role of particle crushing in soil mechanics” 

(5) Prof Yukio Nakata – Yamaguchi University

Geomechanics of crushable materials with the change of grading